Sunday training

Once a week mixed-age group training that focuses on fostering a love and enjoyment of the game, as well as developing strong technical skills.

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Field art academy

High-intensity training for players with the desire and drive to compete and achieve their highest potential in the game.

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personal training

A customized training session for one or two players that work on developing fundamental soccer skills and techniques.

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Cyler Sparrow-Point, Field Art First Team player, training with CD Santa Clara in Portugal

Sacheen Point

Cyler Sparrow-Point's mother, Sacheen, speaks highly of Cyler's training with Field Art FC's technical director, Coach Othmane, "As long as I can remember, Cyler has had a passion for soccer. He has been dribbling a soccer ball since he could walk. Cyler's dream and goal is to one day play professional soccer. Since Cyler has started training with Othmane, his confidence and skill levels have improved dramatically.'